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Your bathroom should be a place for comfort, relaxation and self-care. If your bathroom is not the oasis that it should be, or even if you just wish you had a more functional space, we can help! We specialize in complete, start to finish bathroom renovations. All areas of your bathroom, from the shower right down to the flooring, are important to us. We address each item with care and an eye to detail, ensuring the finished product is a functional, appealing space that fully meets your needs.

Shower Renovations


Get the shower of your dreams! With limitless shower control options and configurations, we can customize your new shower to your exact needs and desires. We use the Schluter Shower System family of products so you can also be confident that your shower will have a watertight seal, protecting your walls and floor from mold, mildew and leaks.



While perhaps not the most glamorous of bathroom fixtures, the right toilet will make a big difference as far as water consumption and future repairs are concerned. We will help you select the perfect toilet for the job and make sure it is installed correctly to keep you running problem-free for years to come.



We use our bathtubs for so many things, from bathing our children and dogs, to relaxing with a book, and soaking our bodies when they are sore or tired. The right bathtub is key, and might be different depending on your individual situation. We work with you to get the right tub for your needs.


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Competitive Pricing

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A+ BBB Rating

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