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3 Reasons to Avoid DIY Plumbing

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The team at Royal Flush is proud to call ourselves an experienced, professional and honest team of registered plumbing experts. We always ensure to give advice that is true and will save our customers the most money. Many of our clients have a foundational knowledge of plumbing and repair work, however, we recommend hiring a knowledgeable plumber to ensure the integrity of your home or office space long term. Here are some reasons we recommend you always hire registered plumbers and not DIY.

1. High-Grade and Professional Tools

Plumbers have an extensive toolbox of high-grade and expensive tools to get jobs done. Whether you want to rent, borrow or buy similar instruments for a specific home job, it will likely run you more than initially spending on the service and having the job done the first time correctly.

2. Safety Guarantee

Even if you or your partner are handy or in another trade, there are specific precautions plumbers are aware of. Having the correct tools and expertise is the only way to ensure a job gets done correctly and without injury. However, mistakes still happen. There is always a risk of human or machine error that can result in someone getting hurt. We recommend hiring an expert plumber already insured and experienced in damage control, rather than having to drive yourself to the hospital or doctors if something arises.

3. Warranty and Time

Professional and licensed plumbers offer a warranty for their services and labour. This is invaluable in case an issue arises immediately after the plumber leaves. If you are to DIY your plumbing issue and successfully fix it, there is a chance it will not last; this will result in more time and resources to fix it. Plumbers offer warranties for their services which protects you, your money and your living space. There are many teams that work around the clock and take on emergency jobs. So by hiring a reputable and flexible plumbing team, they will be able to resolve your plumbing issue wholly and at a time that works with you and your families schedule.

The team at Royal Flush understands the importance of knowing your way around minor plumbing problems; it can save you in the long run! However, we recommend hiring professional and licensed plumbers for all your (town) plumbing needs. There are many more reasons why investing in this service is worth it for you, your family and your household and office space, and we are always here to. Contact our team for all your plumbing needs or questions today!


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