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5 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a New Plumber

Here are Royal Flush Plumbing and Renovations. We are proud to have such a long-term and dedicated clientele community for our expert plumbing services in Hamilton and surrounding areas.

We have serviced some of our customers for decades and value their commitment to our expert plumbing work every time required.

We, however, understand the stress of finding a new reputable, reliable and professional plumbing company. If you have just bought a home in a new area or moved to a different city, we know you want to hire a highly skilled and knowledgeable company to do your plumbing work.  

Here are some questions you can ask a new plumbing company to increase your chances of hiring a professional and experienced plumber near you. 

What areas of plumbing do you specialize in? 

Professional plumbing companies like to operate within their specialities. This allows customers to be confident in their hires and plumbers in their skills. Each plumber can specialize in different industry areas. For example, some companies work exclusively with industrial projects while others prefer to work with residential. 

Is your plumbing company insured?

Reputable and professional plumbing companies have insurance. Faulty companies will try not to answer this question or give excuses when it is brought up. Insurance is mandatory and ensures the safety of everyone. 

What is the total cost for this plumbing service? 

This question ensures the company is willing and committing to a rate for your service and not adding in hidden fees at the end. 

Is your company licensed? 

Asking this question will quickly weed out any plumbers who are not educated or have credentials. Licensed plumbing companies will confidently answer this. 

How long have you been in business?

This question gives you an idea of the quality of work you will receive. Our team promotes and supports new plumbing ventures so long as all parties are sufficiently trained, licensed and insured. 

Our team encourages you to look into prospective plumbers’ history, credentials and overall company. We want to make sure you invest your time and resources into a well-respected plumbing company that will maintain and repair your home’s needs; for fair and competitive prices. 

If you seek a qualified, skilled and dedicated plumbing team in Hamilton and surrounding areas, contact Royal Flush today for Hamilton’s best plumbing services. 


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