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4 Ways to Save Money By Conserving Water this Summer

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The dedicated team of customer service representatives and expert plumbers here at Royal Flush are looking forward to the warmer weather and extra outdoor activities this summer. However, the increase of activities and water usage can run you additional costs, time and potential drought issues. We have put together some tips on how to save money and conserve water this summer.

Cover the Pool and Hot Tub

If you are lucky enough to have a pool or hot tub, we highly suggest using a cover while it is not in use. This will not only keep the area cleaner, but it will reduce the need to refill and reheat! Using the garden hose a few times a month may be okay, but keeping the pool consistently uncovered is bound to increase your water usage and bill. 

Water Your Yard in the Morning or Late Afternoon

Sufficient watering is necessary to maintain a lush green lawn. We recommend watering your property in the morning before 10 am or in the late afternoon. This is because the lawn water will not be evaporated by the mid-day sun, and the grass will have time to absorb all the moisture. Also, it is not advisable to water too late in the evening because it keeps the lawn wet overnight which can cause fungus and other grass diseases to grow. 

Shorten Shower or Install Water-saving Shower Heads

Summer activities can cause you and your family to need extra showers from sports games and playing outside — and the extra shower time can add up on your bill! We recommend looking into water-saving showerheads that spray the water at a shorter rate but still spray sufficient water for a refreshing shower. Our team of certified plumbers can recommend affordable brands and options for your current shower. 

Check For Leaks

The plumber team at Royal Flush always looks out for unseen leaks in our customer’s plumbing systems. We advise our clients to check for water leaks to view the water meter 60 minutes after running any water in your house. If the water meter has moved since you finished running the dishwasher or tap, then you most likely have a leak. Other tell-tale signs are water puddles or wet spots around tubes. If your water bill is running oddly high, we are happy to come by and check out your systems to ensure there are no other hidden leaks. 

Here For All Your Plumbing Needs 

We hope you and your family enjoy the summer by spending more time outside and participating in summer events and activities. The Royal Flush team is Stoney Creek’s #1 plumbing company and is always here to answer your questions or around-the-clock calls. We hope these expert home water conservation tips save you time, money and water this summer!


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