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Saving Water for Spring

saving water

As seasons change and temperatures begin to rise, saving water is usually up there on people’s spring lists. We’re here to give you some easy solutions and helpful tips you can take right now to help save water as spring returns. Here are just some of the most useful and easy ways to save water as we transition into the spring season:

Fix Your Leaky Faucets

From toilets and faucets to appliances and sprinklers, getting these home staples repaired before spring can be a game-changer. It’s best to always be vigilant of dripping faucets, as a single leaky fixture can waste 75 litres of water a day! Give your sink a once-over to try to identify the source of the leak. If water is pooling around the stem of the faucet, you most likely need to replace the O-ring or tighten the packing nut. Repairing these leaks can do wonders for all your water usage during the spring.

No Running Water While Brushing Your Teeth

There is no real need to allow the water to run while you brush your teeth. Merely turning off the water while brushing your teeth can end up saving tons of water over time.

Use Less Water When Doing The Laundry

The washing machine is often a culprit when it comes to being a water waster. Making sure you use your washing water wisely can go a long way towards helping you save water over time. Don’t run the washer until you have enough clothing for a full laundry load. Doing this can be the best way to judge when it’s actually time to do the laundry as a way to save water, particularly in the spring. 

Taking Shorter Showers

We get it. This one might be hard… but, this one will help you conserve a lot of water. Switching from baths to showers can be a massive change that’ll help you save water. Also, brief showers can also do wonders for your water usage over the long run. 

Bottom Line

Here’s your key takeaways: there are some easy ways to change up your daily habits while conserving water throughout your home.  It’s these simple solutions that really can go a long way towards reducing unnecessary water usage as the weather warms up and spring returns.

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