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5 Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

professional drain cleaning

When was the last time you had your drains professionally cleaned? Many people don’t invest in this preventive maintenance service and end up with severely clogged pipes that need repair or replacement. If you’re experiencing slow drains, gurgling toilets, or other drainage issues, consider these benefits of a professional drain cleaning service from Royal Flush Plumbing.

Minimizes Chances of a Clog

If you let a slow drain turn into a clog, then it could become a major hassle. Without drainage, you can’t take a bath, do dishes or wash your hands. You can try and plunge, but if the clog has escalated then it’s not going anywhere.

You can try using an over-the-counter drain cleaner, but they’re made up of harsh chemicals that aren’t great for the environment and hazardous to your health if used incorrectly. By having your drains professionally cleaned regularly, you don’t get clogs and never have to worry about a sewage backup.

Eliminates Odour

When your drain is slowed or clogged, your house is susceptible to awful odours and smells that arise from your sewage system. Additionally, waste and non-organic material can get stuck on the insides of your pipes and become smelly over time. Regular professional drain cleaning gets rid of nasty odours and keeps your home smelling fresh.

Keep Your Home Healthy

Did you know that the bacteria that grows in drains could actually be harming your family? The greatest threat comes when sewer lines back up and raw sewage makes its way into your home. Sewage isn’t just nasty. It’s potentially harmful because of the disease and bacteria it carries. Even a small amount of waste matter present in the home can have harmful effects. Professional drain cleaning performed at least once a year reduces the risk of raw sewage entering the homes and protects your family’s health.

Protects Your Floors and Walls

When water overflows from a clogged sink or toilet, it runs onto your floors and walls, which aren’t designed to take that and may suffer from water damage. Water can also seep under the tile and erode plaster and wallpaper in your walls. Additionally, mould can grow causing the floors and walls to lose structural integrity. Replacing portions of wall and flooring is expensive and if the clog persists then it will just happen repeatedly. A professional drain cleaner eliminates the worry of a clog.

Saves You Time and Money

Severely clogged drains never go away on their own. Eventually, they create massive drainage issues that usually end up spilling over into the home, creating flooding and water damage issues. When these things happen, you end up with a huge repair bill on your hand. You might even get displaced from your home during the clean-up process.

Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, take action now and clean drains regularly to prevent serious blockages that always cost more money. Call Royal Flush Plumbing today for a quote!


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