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A Helpful Guide to Prepare Your Plumbing for Spring

Believe it or not, Spring is only a couple weeks away, and our expert plumbers at Royal Flush have some plumbing advice homeowners should use as a pre-spring checklist to ensure their plumbing system is working smoothly all summer long. We all know that Canadian winters can leave a mess behind, so once the snow starts to melt, it’s important that homeowners take action right away.

If you need help getting your home plumbing system into shape for the spring and summer, contact Royal Flush Plumbing in Hamilton Ontario. We can help clean the gutters, inspect the pipes, maintain or replace a sump pump, or whatever other plumbing services you may need, we got your back.

Clean the Roof and Gutters

The gutters and storm drains should be considered as a part of your plumbing system. These must be cleaned if you expect the spring water to move easily off your roof, preventing water damage and leaks. It’s important to clean your roof and gutters regularly, especially in the springtime. And if you don’t feel confident doing it safely on your own, call Royal Flush Plumbing in Hamilton to help.

Check Your Water Pressure

It’s always a possibility that one of your water pipes is already leaking, even if you have not noticed any water around the property. One way to tell is to test your water pressure. When you turn on a faucet in the house and notice that water pressure seems to have dropped, it could be a sign of a leak or another problem requiring a plumber’s immediate attention.

Exposed pipes can collect a lot of damage throughout the winter. Water expands as it freezes, and exposed pipes become at risk of expanding and contracting in winter, slowly cracking as they do. We recommend inspecting your property for any exposed pipes, checking for signs of cracking. You should also check for discolouration, or mould or moss growth; these are signs that a crack exists that you might not be able to see. If you notice any problems with the pipes, call in Royal Flush Plumbing for a complete inspection.

Check Your Toilet for Leaks

To check for a toilet leak, just put a few drops of food colouring in your toilet tank, wait a few minutes, and see if any of the food colouring made its way into the toilet bowl. If your toilet water is still clear, then there’s no leak to worry about, but if there’s food colouring in the toilet bowl, you have a leak and you’ll need to replace your flapper.

If you find any problems during your pre-spring plumbing inspection, we’d love to help you get everything back in working order! Just give us a call at (289) 788-0038 or contact us online!


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