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Diagnosing Your Toilet Troubles

When it comes to toilets, we expect them to stay in shape and execute their jobs properly. So when a toilet gives you complications, it’s easy for frustration to take over. An unreliable toilet or leaky toilet water is a no-no, and should never have a place in your home or business. In the Hamilton area, Royal Flush Plumbing is your go-to for expert toilet servicing and top-quality new toilet units. Here are 5 issues that you shouldn’t shrug off when it comes to the most important seat in your home.

  1. Your Toilet Bowl or Tank is Cracked or Badly Scratched

If your toilet has cracks anywhere on the tank or bowl, in most cases it means that it’s time for a new toilet. It’s possible for small cracks or fractures to be repaired depending on their location, but You should consider a new toilet when it’s interfering with its daily operations.

  1. Your Toilet is Reaching the End of Its Life

There may be nothing fundamentally wrong with your plumbing fixtures, although a toilet that has run its course could be resulting in higher water bills. Federal guidelines say that toilets made and sold from 1994 on cannot use more than 1.6 gallons of water. Some old toilet units use substantially more than this. With new technology, it is now possible to have dual-flush toilets for varied solid and liquid disposals. 

  1. Your Toilet Doesn’t Flush Well

If the flushing performance of your toilet is anemic and there are no clogs or obvious malfunctions, there may be an amazingly simple remedy. Occasionally, plumbers forget to remove the temporary plug that’s used to pressure-test the lines after plumbing rough-in. They’re located at the top of the vent pipe up on the roof. If you can’t see a rubber cap clamped on the vent over the bathroom from the ground, climb up on the roof and inspect the end of the vent over your bathroom and I’ll bet you’ll find an overlooked plug. If so, break through the plastic with a screwdriver and pry out the pieces and that toilet will work just fine.

  1. Running Toilet

The mysteries of a running toilet can drive you nuts. One cause of a toilet running is a flapper that doesn’t seal. If water from the tank seeps around the flapper and into the bowl, the flapper is probably shot.

Flush the toilet and look for a fill valve leak. Lift up on the toilet float arm when the tank is filling to see if the water stops. Bend or adjust the toilet float arm so the tank stops filling when the water level is 1/2- to 1-in. below the top of the overflow pipe. If the fill valve still leaks, replace it.

  1. Your Toilet Leaks Persistently

A constant toilet leak is generally the sign to purchase a new toilet. If it has been persistently leaking and resists repair efforts, then a new toilet should be strongly considered.

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