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Signs That You Need a Sewer Line Repair

The sewer system is one of the essential systems in your home and a necessary component of your everyday life. It plays a vital role in the function of your plumbing system. This is why when you experience a broken or blocked sewer line, you face a major plumbing emergency that requires a prompt reaction. Sewer line repairs are quite the undertaking, so it is important to immediately call for professional plumbing help rather than trying to resolve the issue on your own. To avoid repairs and sewer line replacement, you should have your sewer line regularly checked and maintained.

Here are a few red flag signs that it’s time to schedule a sewer line repair appointment to keep your home safe from damage:

Strange odours around your home and property

An intact main sewer line should be airtight, meaning no odours should escape the pipes. If you start to smell something foul, however, that could mean a leak in the main sewer line. If the scent of sewage starts leaking out of your drains, it’s time to call Royal Flush Plumbing.

Lush green lawn

Your lawn may be looking extra lush and greener than usual, but it may not be a good thing. Sewage acts as a great fertilizer, and if you start to notice very green patches of grass in your lawn or plants beginning to grow rapidly, it could be from a leaking sewer line. You may also notice damp, soggy or raised patches of ground in the yard, another sign of a leaking sewer line.

Slow drain

A slow drain can be a common plumbing issue, and usually, most clogs can be solved with a simple fix, such as a plunger or drain cleaning solution. If the simple unclogging methods don’t work to solve the slow drain, it means the issue is likely a deeper blockage somewhere in the main sewer line.


If your broken sewer line’s sewage and water is seeping into your home, it could be damaging your walls and helping mould grow. Mould does not need a lot of humidity to grow, so this type of plumbing issue usually provides the perfect breeding ground.

Sewage backup and blockages

Sewage backups can happen every now and then, but if sewage backs up every time you flush the toilet, the problem could be your main sewer line. All your home’s drains rely on the main sewer line in order to drain properly. If you start experience blockages in more than one drain, it’s definitely an issue with your main sewer line.

If you think you might have a problem and you are experiencing some of the above-mentioned signs with your sewer line, contact your trustworthy plumber as soon as possible for professional inspection and help. If you are looking for a reputable plumber in the GTA, Royal Flush Plumbing offers the most reliable sewer line repair and premium customer care around. Contact us today!






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