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Top Bathroom Design Trends of 2020

Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers with no threshold have been popular for a while. Now, the use of large-format tiles and linear drains is growing. Large-format tiles start at 16-inches but can run up to 10 feet. They are square or rectangular and made from ceramic, porcelain and stone. By minimizing grout lines, these generously sized tiles create a seamless look and give the illusion of a bigger space.

Walk-in showers are all the renovation rage these days, and for good reason: they’re spacious (but still fit in a small space), elegant and accessible. They’re easy to keep clean, thanks to stain- and moisture-resistant tile and they offer a wide range of possibilities, from rainfall showerheads to steam baths.

Built-In Toilet Bidets

These high-tech, toilet and bidet combos are a more recent innovation. They are added onto an existing toilet with a simple DIY installation, replacing the toilet seat. A hygienic nozzle extends beneath you to spray, then retracts inside the seat when not in use.

Electronic bidet toilet seats even have integrated water heaters, so you can enjoy warm water washes. Plus, these modern marvels have all sorts of extras like heated seats, night lights, deodorizers, and warm air dryers.

These bidets can also potentially save you hundreds in toilet paper costs, and they’re environmentally friendly! 

Console-Style Vanities

2020 is all about console-like vanities as opposed to massive furnishing. It’s especially ideal for small spaces as it allows the room to look much bigger and not obstruct the space with a massive looking vanity. Powder rooms benefit from this trend.

Standalone Tubs

A standalone tub used to be reserved for huge bathrooms, while everyone else had to be content with the shower-tub hybrid. Not anymore though. The design element has gained traction over the past few months and is expected to make it big next year.

A style statement in itself, standalone tubs can also be paired with other design choices to get the most out of your investment. They work perfectly well in biophilic bathrooms for instance.

The tub itself is no longer limited to being white and plain, with several different colours and shapes available in the market. You can even make the tub the centre of attraction by placing it in the middle of the room. Truly the only limit is your imagination. There are countless renovation options for your washroom that you can use to capture the perfect vibe. For any additional questions or inquiries about bathroom renovations in Hamilton or the Greater Hamilton Area please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US NOW


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