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Winter Plumbing Checklist

With winter quickly approaching, let’s take a glimpse into some of the steps you can take to prepare your plumbing for the cold weather. It’s always best to handle these steps before the weather gets cold so that your home is ready for the winter season!

  1. Flush your Water HeaterYour water heater needs to work harder during the winter weather, therefore its very important to flush your water heater in order to guarantee its running as efficiently as possible. Flushing out your water heater will help it avoid corrosion by ridding it of any sediment build-up from within. This will help prolong the life span of your water heat and will also help you avoid any breakdowns during winter.
  2. Schedule a Plumbing InspectionTo avoid any surprises or emergency situations during the winter months, it’s in your best interest to schedule an inspection with your local plumber. This way, you will be reassured that your pipes are ready to handle the winter weather.
  3. Know where your plumbing control isIt is crucial to know where your water shut-off valve is located in your home. This way, if there is an emergency situation like a leak or frozen pipes, then you can quickly turn off the water flow
  4. Inspect your home for leaksIf you notice anything, including minor drips, it is extremely important to contact your local plumber. In the cold weather those small drips can easily turn into major problems
  5. Clean and clear your guttersAlthough the colourful leaves falling during fall are beautiful, they can cause problems if they block your gutters! It is important to clear the gutters regularly so that any water coming through has a clear path to the drains.
  6. Inspect your roof for water damage and leaksLeaks or openings in the roof can cause major problems to your home, especially during the winter months. Cold air, water, and other debris can access your home causing thousand of dollars in damages and can increase gas and hydro bills.


If you’re looking for any assistance preparing the plumbing on your property for the fall and winter, give us a call! Our plumbers are experts at conducting inspections, managing maintenance, and fixing any plumbing issues or jobs you may have. CONTACT US TODAY!



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