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Does Rain Affect My Plumbing?

rain and plumbing

Summed up, heavy rainfall and rainfall in general does affect your plumbing. Living in Canada, we go through some pretty dry weather, on the other hand, our wet seasons tend to run longer and can profusely do damage to your plumbing. Follow our tips on how to keep your plumbing safe from issues that arise from rainfall such as flooding. 

Increased Pressure on Pipes

Heavy rainfall is able to saturate the ground surrounding your pipes and this saturation can cause the dirt or sand to turn to mud. Mud can increase the exterior pressure to your piping which then leaves room for a variety of other issues.

Shifting and Ruptured Underground Pipes

One issue that can arise from increased pressure on your pipes is the pressure can cause shifting. Shifting can cause the pipes to be moved and bent into positions that can cause ruptures.

Blocked Pipes

Heavy rain can sometimes cause ruptures and leakages in pipes. The ruptures can allow debris to enter into the pipes and this debris can cause blockage which can back water into your basement or crawlspace. Heavy rain can cause tree roots to expand, which could pierce the piping and cause additional blockage and ruptures.

Sump Pump

Ground saturation affects what happens to the excess water and where it goes. If the ground is permeable and mostly dry, the water drains away. If, however, the ground is not permeable or if the ground is already saturated and wet from previous rain, the water builds around the foundation of your home. Topography can also affect how much water builds around your home. If your home is inclined, gravity pulls the water down and away from your home, whereas the water located on a flat property has nowhere to go. As the water builds up, pressure can force it into your basement or crawl space.

In a sump pump, the water is drawn to the sump pit which then activates the pump to remove the water. The more rain the more water, and the more water the harder your sump pump works. Ensure your sump pump is suitable for the size of your home, and that it is in good condition for rainy weather.

Flooding in the Basement

Due to pipe blockage, a sewer backup or a broken sump pump, heavy rain may have caused a flood in your basement or crawl space. You should address the issue when it is first observed. Additionally, too much moisture can be the perfect environment for mold and other pests like termites, mice or rats. Generally, the longer the issue is not addressed, the higher the costs end up being.

Remove the water as soon as possible using a wet-vac or sump pump. Don’t let the space air dry since there will still be a significant amount of moisture even after the water and puddles have been removed.

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