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DIY: Drain Cleaners

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Clogged drains are a problem that is more common and happens more frequently than we’d like… But instead of spending your money on overpriced drain cleaners, you can first try taking matters into your own hands to clear out those pipes! Think of this as a little chemistry lesson.

What You’ll Need


You’ll need a base (Basic Solution) that will later react with an acid to create a chemical reaction that should help clear out your drain. 

Baking soda is one of the best store bought solutions for drain cleaning. It is made of sodium carbonate, and it’s full of sodiums that help break down dirt and grime. if you add an acid (such as vinegar) to baking soda, it will become excited. This compound can break down grime that’s built up in your drain. 

It’s important you start off with sodium. This means you can use salt or Borax instead of baking soda just as well. Borax as a concentrated form of baking soda. Be mindful when using Borax, keeping it away from any sensitive body parts, young children and pets.


Acids are what we will use to complete our chemical reaction. When you add any acid, you get a reaction capable of cleaning your drain.

Vinegar is an ideal acid for your drain cleaning mixture. You can add it to any of the sodiums listed above to get quick results. 

Cream of tartar is less another option that is derived from tartaric acid. This makes it a viable acid that can make for a great cleaner.


Now you know the cheapest and most simple ingredients for homemade drain cleaner. For this section, we’ll be talking about how to mix and apply your ingredients to your clogged drain. 

Step 1: Preparations 

If you have some blockages at the surface of your drain, clean these out before moving forward. 

Step 2: Pour in Your Sodium Solution

Begin by pouring your sodium solution to the drain. Remember, you can use any of the contents listed above. If you choose to use a powder like baking soda, you can use a funnel to pour it down the drain. 

Step 3: Add in Your Acid Solution

It’s time to add your acids. Always make sure to always add them after your sodium. Doing any of these steps out of order will make the process useless. 

Step 4: Hot Water

Add a pot or two of boiling water to your drain. It’s easier for the hot water to pass through your clogged drain than for any other type of matter

This should work for almost any drain you have in your home. If you are dealing with a larger drainage system you might want to buy a professional solution or call a plumber you can trust. 


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