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Help – I’ve Accidentally Flushed My Ring Down the Toilet!

Ring in toilet

Oh no… not the diamond ring! 

If you notice you’ve dropped your item before flushing, act quickly: grab a pair of gloves and pull it out. If you eye it mid swirl or realize it after the flush, it’s probably headed down into the sewage system.

Although, it is likely your diamond ring or expensive jewellery remains within the more local pipes of your toilet. It could be at the bottom of the toilet bowl, within the waste opening, or anywhere in between

You Should Seek Professional Help

A local plumber will have the proper equipment and the experience to recover your item. If you have an emotional, sentimental and/or monetary value, calling for professional plumbing assistance is highly recommended, because they will be able to retrieve your item (if retrievable) more efficiently and without leaving behind a big mess.

If you do not have time to allow for professional help, finding your item on your own is possible. If you’re big on DIY’s and you’re up for a challenge, here are some steps to take to getting back what’s yours:

  • Do Not Flush the Toilet Again

If you flush the toilet again, your ring will be pushed farther down the drainpipe. Most toilets have the power to flush any type of material pretty far down the drainage pipe. You really want to avoid flushing again.

  • Check to Make Sure it Was Completely Flushed

Maybe your toilet is an older model that doesn’t have the flushing force of some of the newer models and will increase your chances of finding the item still within the toilet bowl. Or in a stroke of luck, you didn’t hit the toilet handle all the way and the result was a half-flush. 

  • Turn Off Your Water Supply

Now we’re getting down and dirty… Well let’s hope to keep it minimal on the dirty part.  It’s a good idea to turn off your toilet’s water supply. This will prevent flooding and save you in the event you accidentally hit the toilet flush handle again. You can do this by turning the toilet valve completely clockwise. The toilet valve is usually located behind the toilet, or possibly located in the basement.

  • Drain the Water in The Toilet Bowl

To make your job easier, try to drain the remaining water from the toilet bowl using a small plastic container to scoop the water out. 

  • Untighten Your Toilet’s Screws

If you didn’t already know, we’re heading towards removing the toilet from the ground. This will require you to untighten the screws that connect the toilet to the floor. You will need a wrench and/or a putty knife to remove the bolt covers and the bolts themselves.

  • Remove the Toilet from the Ground

Once the bolts are removed, it is time to remove the toilet. At this point, you should seek some help. With a partner, lift the toilet and set it gently on the bathroom floor.

  • Take a Look Inside

Now that the toilet is on the bathroom floor, you will need to tip it on its side, find a flashlight and look inside the waste opening. Look very carefully…

Hopefully You Have Successfully Retrieved Your Precious Item… 

If you did find your ring, Congratulations! If you didn’t, we’re sorry for your loss. 

Flushing items down the toilet or a drainage pipe is common. From rings to car keys, our plumbers at Royal Flush Plumbing have the expertise to handle situations like these.

If you need help retrieving your belongings from somewhere it shouldn’t be, don’t hesitate to call us. We are here for you!


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