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Call (289) 788-0038

Things to look for before hiring a plumbing contractor

Not all plumbing companies are the same, avoid hiring the wrong person by checking up on a company.

  1. Is the plumbing company licensed and insured?Plumbing companies are supposed to have the licence number on their web site,business card and on the truck.  If the company cannot provide you with a proper licence number you might want to consider another company
  1. Does the company have any references?There are many places available online where customer feedback is welcomed if the company doesn’t have any reviews you might want to consider caution as the company could be a fly by night operation which could cause issues if a warranty call is in order.
  1. Is this someone who you could get along with?From past experience i have learned that when the contractor gets along with the customer the service is a much more pleasant experience for both the customer and the contractor.  Remember this person might be in your house for weeks if your not comfortable around this person now imagine how horrible it will be by week 2.

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